Cycle Fitting


A professional cycle fitting is one of the best investments you can make if you are serious about your sport and want to get the most out of it- whatever your level.  There are four proven benefits of a proper bike fit:

  • Performance - increased power 

  • Efficiency - improved aerodynamic position

  • Injury prevention - long term wear of joints/ ligamants through poor position 

  • Comfort-  removal of pain experienced during or after a ride.


A bike fit is  individual to you, your physiology, your bike and your style of riding. No two  fits are the same although all will follow the prescribed Cyclefit eight stage process.   The  fit  takes about  two and a half hours with a  follow-up  visit after three weeks to tweak any changes needed.  Every aspect that could impact on your riding position is looked into; from cleat position to saddle height, from reach to hip angle, from knee tracking to sit-bone width, from crank length to body posture.  These are just a few of the variables measured, adjusted or taken into account. 


The fitting is carried out by a Cyclefit accreditted technician, trained at the Trek Racing HQ  facility in Milton Keynes.


A cycle fit will benefit most disciplines of cycling-  road race/ sportive/ time trial/ triathlon/ track/ Mtb cross.