Premier - 'Tour de France'  Service (£90 plus parts if needed)

This is the 'full works' and is a service that every bike ridden in UK weather conditions should underdo at least once a year. With this we are not saying you will be able to finish the world's toughest bike race but at least your bike would be in the best possible condition to do so!.  A full clean, strip down and rebuild.


       Standard 'Tour of Britain'  Service​   (£60 plus parts if needed)

Essentially a 'light service' recommended every 3-6 months (more frequently for high mileage or in bad weather conditions). Not the all bells and whistles of the TDF Service but a service to ensure your bike is running smoothly, parts are properly lubed and adjusted and there are no major faults or problems. This should not be seen as a replacement for the full service. Includes a full bike wash.

       Basic Check Over​ (£30 does not include wash

To satisfy yourself that your bike is in a safe working condition or maybe you just feel it needs a minor adjustment to get the best out of it. Perhaps it's not been used for a while or  recently purchased on line. The check includes a full visual inspection, correct tightening of bolts, minor brake and gear adjustment and applying the correct tyre pressures. Any other issues identified will be notified to the customer and, if requested, charged as per the pricing list. No additional work will undertaken without your say so. (Please note this service does not include a bike wash  so, if you can't see what colour your bike is,  you may want to wash it first!). 


(see 'Pricing' for additional costs  for suspension bikes) 


We also provide the full range of repairs and other work you would expect from a bike shop- from wheel truing and spoke replacement to fork replacement and dropout re-alignment.





We have two 'off the shelf' services and a basic check over  but, priding ourselveves on offering that little bit more, we can 'tailor' our services to meet your requirements- just e-mail, phone or text to discuss your personal requirements.

Servicing and Repairs