We  offer the full range of maintenance work you would expect from a quality bike shop, EAL Level 3, Campagnolo Pro-shop/ EPS II/ G3 accredited, with the added bonus of a 'Cyclefit' accredited bike fitting service.   Whilst we love working on top end bikes we strive to get the very best out of every bike whatever its age, condition or price tag. If the work you want done is not detailed below them please contact us by e-mail, phone or text to discuss your personal requirements. If you just need a part fitting that's fine, customer satisfaction is very important to us so if your bike doesn't need the full service we won't try and sell you one.  Every bike is treated with great care and attention to detail- as if it was the mechanic's own.  As dedicated cyclists ourselfs we know the importance you place on looking after your machine.  Look upon us as your personal mechanic and bike fitter!.



        Work Undertaken





Two levels of Service or a Basic Check Over

Either the 'Tour de France' Service (the 'full works' and a service that every bike ridden in UK weather conditions should undergo at least once a year)   or the 'Tour of Britain' Service (essentially a 'light service' recommended every 3-6 months).  We also offer  a  basic 'Check Over' to satisfy yourself that your bike is in a safe working condition or maybe you just feel it needs a minor adjustment to get the best out of it. Perhaps it has not been used for a while or you recently purchased it on-line.


Parts Fitting/ Replacement

Whether you need a power meter fitted or just a new chain we can help you out.  Most of the more common jobs are listed below but if not give us a call.    This way  you will know the full amount before the work commences so no 'unexpected' extras when you come to pay. We want you to come back to us for your next service! Customers may, if they wish, choose to source their own components at the best price they can on-line.  We make out money out of the labour - not overcharging you for parts!.  What ever you decide the price is the same. Advice/ assistance can be given on where best to source components.     


Bike Builds/ Wheel Builds

Just bought that classic Italian frame you've always dreamed of and need help building it or bought a bargain on-line and want to ensure it's safely assembled.  Want to install a 'Power Tap' hub into your training wheels or recently 'crashed and burned' on that downhill and want some new wheels built up.  This way you can pick and chose what components you want, and more importantly where you buy them!.   Our job is to simply to put them all together- not make a huge profit selling you components.  Most bike shops will give you a pretty cool response if you ask them to  build up wheels or a bike with a frame and components purchased elsewhere- that's even if they answer you!   


Cycle Fitting

To get the most benefit from your bike you need to know it has been set up correctly to fit you.   You would be surprised how much difference a professional bike fit by a Cyclefit accredited technician can make to your performance, comfort and enjoyment.  Too many cyclists are riding around 'making do' without even realising that fitting a rider to a cycle is not just a case of buying the right size frame and getting the saddle  the right height.  Everybody is different.  Even riders of the same height will have different length limbs, different flexibility and different foot pronation.   One size certainly  does not fit all.